About Dhatim

What We Do

We help large corporation understand what they pay and make savings. Big companies have billions of yearly spend across thousands of suppliers, which make almost impossible to validate manually each invoice (hundreds of thousands invoices per year).
We have created a platform that:
  • Ingest the invoices using OCR and machine learning
  • Classify each invoice line using Predictive algorithms
  • Validate the amount based on the contracts using a patented rule engine
  • Find and automate the savings by performing actions

Dhatim HQ are located in Paris downtown (Montparnasse) with sales offices in the US, Latin America and India.
Our team of top notch Developers and Data Scientists is 100% based in Paris. The tech team is 15 people with plan to grow to 25 by the end of 2016. Globally Dhatim has 35 employees.

Dhatim was founded in 2008.

Our Core Values

We love breaking things, especially our own things
We fight the technical debt

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